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CABAL Online News - Open Beta Numbers High

Cabal Online, one of Europe’s most successful game launches, has shattered targets laid out by Games-Masters.com, the European publishers of the Asian smash hit game.

Since the closed Beta launch avid gamers have been signing up at the rate of 1 every 78 seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with numbers growing by thousands a day and currently sitting at over 40,000 cabal alz. July 7th sees the opening of registrations for the much anticipated Open Beta phase which launches on July 21st, offering free game play for at least 4 weeks. And Games-Masters.com is gearing up for what is expected to be a stampede with the quadrupling of server capacity brought forward by weeks for the second time. The game will therefore be launched with two world sets called Mercury and Mars.

Chris Nettleton, Chief Technical Officer of Games.Masters.com commented, “This game will blow you away, cabal alz ’s as simple as that. The levels of detail are sensational and it is a privilege to publish this title. In addition to all the high action focus of the game the style has a westernised console look and feel - you really have to try this game!” Cabal Online’s clever use of combined weaponry action and slick, smooth game play has propelled it to the top of cabal gold the play charts in Korea. The action involves combination moves and battle modes unseen in MMORPGs before. Whilst this makes Cabal Online easy to play, it would take a lifetime to master. The game combines the best in console game action moves with online game community features. In addition, unlike many other MMORPGs, it also has an end to the months of battle at which time you can choose where you stand in the world war and mass guild warfare.

The phenomenal action setting is further enhanced by awesome graphics with a westernised feel to the game again unseen in many cabal alz Korean MMORPGs. Over 300 dungeons offer players a choice of solo and party dungeons and a wide variety of entertaining action including abundant quests and challenges to flex player’s brain power. Outside the high action content there is familiar crafting, in-game markets (with an unusual twist) and in-game lottery! Ian Powell, Chief Executive of Games-Masters.com said, “The response we have had is just awesome. We knew we had a smash on our hands and it looks like we will break a few records as we go into orbit”. Games-Masters.com have taken on board a lot of comments from closed Beta testing and have already incorporated most of them, including the confirmation that they will be using cabal gold world leading anti-hack software, pre setting the camera angle to a better position and the introduction of window based game play. Open beta action starts with 75 levels and a bag full of in-game tournaments and fast action fun to bring an edge to some of the competition. ESTsoft Corp. the developers of CABAL, have spent a small fortune on optimizing the game so that even low level PCs can enjoy all the high end action – all you need as a minimum to play the game is a Pentium 3 800 MHz. Whilst the European market’s patience in producing an English version has paid off, people living outside Europe will still have to wait due to license restrictions that have yet to be finalized and fall outside the Games-Masters.com license agreement.You can buy cabal

To sign up for free downloads and the chance to play for free in open beta, visit http://www.buycabal.com/. Registrations for open beta start from the 7th of July with full open beta launch on July 21st.

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